What a great return!

I haven’t written on this blog for a long time. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t had ideas. I recently got a new job and it has been mentally draining. I usually get home and have no motivation to keep thinking. However, I have decided that I need to make the most of my free time. With that said, I welcome my own return to my own blog (I’m not sure that make too much sense).

And what a return it is! Yesterday, I closed my first deal at my company. It was a lot of work but I am very happy with the result. I am looking forward to my next deals. You should be looking forward to them too! It means I’ll be in a much better mood!

The blog won’t really change in the type of content. That is, it will remain a platform for my thoughts and ideas rather than a platform to talk about me and my life. There will be some of that, but no more than in the past.


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