Facebook Connect: Business

Facebook has been expanding into almost every aspect of our lives. I’m sure many of you have already seen been asked to sign-in or sign-up using your Facebook login. This has made our personal lives a lot easier. Facebook’s advantage is that it’s tied to your real identity.

Although it’s made our lives easier by allowing us to sign up for services with a click of a button, it has not done much to help us with our professional lives. I know that LinkedIn is the most popular professional network, but it’s not something that most people keep up. Maybe it’s that me and others are young and don’t really get it yet, but so far, I only go to it when there is an update on my resume. My friends seem to do the same. Facebook, however, has much more knowledge about me and can make a big difference for employers and potential employees.

LinkedIn has a very powerful “apply” button. It’s basically Facebook Connect for applications. It’s a beautifully simple! You find a job you are interested in, you push the apply button and you are done. You have applied to the position and given the employer all of your professional information.

I’m not sure why I don’t have a LinkedIn option all the time! Many times what I encounter is a request to submit my resume and cover letter and then a request to input that very same information into little slots! Sometimes they have me upload my resume and their system put’s all the info into slots… And I’m supposed to make sure it’s all been transferred correctly. Why? I don’t understand why this would be at all helpful to them. Pick a method and stick to it.

Facebook can bring something new to the table. It can streamline the application process and it can give employers a ton of important information. First of all, you get intense verification. An employer can quickly check if their recruit is really from the school they say they are, if they currently work for the company they say they work for and possibly what their interests are.

I don’t think employers should be able to see all information but they should be able to verify important claims in a candidates resume. Facebook could come up with ways for companies to create verification processes. For example, let’s say that you have a real estate license, you should be able to verify that under you business section. If you have a driver’s license, you should be able to verify that via your local government. This would be helpful for both candidates and employers.

Facebook would stand to win here. By creating business verification suites they will be able to charge companies to use their API. IBM could use Facebook HR to look for 21 year old male who graduated from an Ivy League school, has 3 state certifications and likes Green Day and Pizza. The power of Facebook is only growing and if they carefully roll out a suite of business tools they might be able to tap another source of revenue.


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