I’m not an artist in any regard, but I’ve found something that just makes being original easy. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dan, how could you say you’re not an artist? You’re an amazing writer!”. I know I am, but like many other humans I have some deficiencies. Mine come in the form of sucking at being visually creative. To a certain extent it may be due to the difficulty of picking up the photo editing skills necessary to make cool and funny stuff.

We all need not fear editing tools no more! I am finally a pro in the visual arts field! (WARNING: Some of you might think I’m mentally challenged when you look at my attempts at being original. See below.) What’s more is that you too can be a visual arts pro thanks to!

What’s cool about the site is its easy to use photo editing tools and it’s socially engaging “sticker” community. Again, the tools are fool-proof. I was able to make my first “remix” (this is what the act of making a photo your own is called) in about 10 seconds. I got lot’s of LOL’s out of it. On top of that, you also get the social aspect of it. This is a community of people editing photos not just for laughs but for “stickers”. I keep coming back hoping that others have placed a sticker on my remixes or taken my image and remixed it themselves. The amount of creativity is mind blowing. Ideas that you would have never thought of when seeing an image are served up to your little rat brain on a silver platter!

Conclusion: Ask for an invite by going to and if I like you, I’ll share one with you. If you have work, you probably shouldn’t apply, you’re going to spend too much time on it… Who am I kidding?!? Ask for it, the site is Safe For Work (i.e. no obscene content, just lots of great images.)

I’ve included a few of my remixes below. Sign up and enjoy. I look forward to seeing that you can come up with!


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