There has been a lot of hoopla about Twitter’s new in-app ad delivery system, the Quick Bar. I’m not in love with it either but I’m definitely not up in arms about it. This is part of Twitter’s monetization plan.

Now there are rumors that there will be in stream ads. I’m not sure this should be the case. It will be bothersome and many times might serve ads that are not relevant enough to the user. I went ahead and made a mock up of what Twitter should do. I call it TwitterAds.

Twitter wants to have your interest data. I mean, when you spend a lot of time on Twitter like I do, it’s because there is so much awesome information being served to you. They come from you closest’s friends and your favorite media outlets and bloggers. However, we don’t click on every link on Twitter. You scan through your feed and click on those that catch your attention. This is where Twitter can capitalize.

First of all, Twitter should move every user over to #NewTwitter. I know a lot of people aren’t happy about the speed but I’m sure it will get better over time. The lay out of new twitter makes it a perfect ad serving mechanism. When a user wants to finds something that they are interested in their feed, ads are served on the right pane. But what are the dynamics of this system?

User @A scans through their feed on the left pane and find that @B said something that interested them. @A clicks on the tweet and out pops the left pane. In it they find the content and whatever links may be present. More importantly for Twitter, ads can be delivered based on the keywords found.

As the screenshot above shows, they can be links much like Google Adwords links. Twitter might even want to make them affiliate links and get a percentage of high ticket items.

Why might this be better? Well, as mentioned above, the ads will be relevant to the user not just in terms of general interests but “real-time” interests (see what I did there.) The fact all types of interests are available on Twitter means that many more types of companies will be able to enter the TwitterAds program. A big problem for Twitter has been having small and medium sized companies advertise with them. At this interest level advertising anyone will be able to jump in and hit the people who are interested in their product.



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