We’re so civilized

If you’ve gone to a large university like UCLA, you’ll know how congested they can be. You walk past thousands a day. We give it no thought, this is how things are.

But do you realize how amazing that is? Many of us walk around with 500 dollar devices and nobody seems to take the opportunity to take it. Many of us will go our whole lives without a major altercation. Human living in fully industrialized nations don’t have to live on commission. Sure, there are many who are still living decrepit lives in our civilized society, but they are nothing compared to those that live day to day. In those societies you live and die by your work. There is no system in place that “ensures” that food will be on your plate.

It might seem like what I’m talking about is just industrialization. Industrialization has a lot to do with how we go about becoming more civil but that’s definitely not it. Warring groups will take time to consult with the other group. This is quite strange indeed. Two groups opposed to each other acting civilly.

As the world continues it’s path toward full industrialization we will find less and less people living on commission, living day to day. The system of “ensuring” today’s and tomorrow’s meal will make the world a much more civil and beautiful place. It’s only a matter of time.


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