Diets are Social

Diets are usually seen as an individual thing endeavor. You have to motivate yourself, you have to choose to eat right and you have to do the working out. How great would it be if someone could do that for you?

However, if you’ve dieted before you quickly realize that it is not an individual endeavor at all. This is why I am warning you all that I am going on a diet. You’ll notice certain things that will affect our friendship. For one, I have already started the first phase of my diet. 1. Cut alcohol to one time a week. See? Although I have individually chosen to stop drinking, it doesn’t mean you wont be affected.

Today, on March 1st starts phase 2.

I) Count calories: I did this for the first 2 years after my weight loss. I didn’t care what anyone said, I was going to eat the healthy choice on my menu or forgo eating with the group because in order to stick to my specified caloric intake. There is no reason for me to absorb extra energy I don’t need.

2) Get 40 minutes of activity: People think you have to do an whole lot of work to lose weight. This is partially true. When you’re around your normal body weight it becomes harder to lose weight. However, for just a casual weight loser (or someone trying to maintain their weight) a light work out will suffice. This phase shouldn’t affect you much.

3) Even less alcohol consumption: I have recently cut down my consumption to once a week and hope to cut it a bit more. The way that I hope to do it is by still doing it once a week but only having a drink or two. Those drinks will also be some of the most calorie deprived drinks.

Over all, we should all still be friends. You will however notice that I will be making some sacrifices in order to stick to my caloric intake and work out goals.


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