Valentines: Muddied Love

From 7th-9th grade, I was in love. Okay, I was in love from afar. This girl was cute funny and really really smart.

I had no chance. That doesn’t mean that my brain didn’t want to try impress her. There really wasn’t much I could do but be funny and smart around her and most of all, not do something embarrassing! In middle school, anything can break your little pubescent heart. You get a zit and your life goes into a tailspin. You say something stupid and you immediately feel sick to your stomach.

Basically, my chances of getting with this girl were muddied by an embarrassing event. Here’s the story.

I was late into 7th grade and I had decided that I would ask her out soon. I had finally gotten the guts to go for it! I didn’t care about the consequences. It was lunch time on a rainy day and I was enjoying it talking to my friend. Actually I was very excited for lunch to end because I wanted to go to class and sit next to her.

At one point my friend starts rough-housing with me. I wasn’t really in the mood for playing so I told him to stop. He didn’t stop and at one point he pushes me back into the mud where I slipped and fell. Half my body was covered in mud… I was pissed off!! I was going to start sitting next to her so I could build some rapport with her and it was all fucked.

I didn’t want to go to class. What was the point for living anymore? I should have just ended it there. The bell rings and my friends and I start walking to our next period. I was angry and only about to get angrier. As soon as we get in the classroom I try to sit down as to avoid being seen by this girl. My friends don’t allow that. They start talking about what happened. Of course, everyone passes it along the class and as soon as she enters, she gets the news. UGH!!

At this point the class clown decides it’s time to chime in. I can’t remember what he said but it got most of the class laughing. Others decided that it was okay to throw in their two cents. It was a horrific sight. What did I do?

I cried, that’s what I did. Right there and then. I cried in front of the class and more importantly in front of the girl I wanted to impress. All hopes of ever getting with her (I remind you, there was no chance) were gone!

As you may have already guessed, I didn’t ask her out soon after. I did, however, ask her out a year later. She said no.


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