What if the world stood up against bullshit?

There are 2 million people in Tahrir Square in Egypt. This is the second revolution in Africa in the last month. I think it’s time people across the world start these sorts of demonstrations. It’s not easy, but the internet has shown how much easier it makes organizing. The catalyst for fast change is there.

What is important after this great change is that the spirit of the revolution doesn’t get lost in religious or individual ego trips. The revolution must be about individual freedom. It must be about helping your fellow human Egyptian. It would sadden me if the country turned into an islamic state that hinders the freedoms of those who don’t practice the religion. It would sadden me more if it the groups supporting the revolution turn into warring factions. The focus should be on rebuilding the nation. Years of terrible hardship will not be fixed by weeks of general protest. A great amount of work and sacrifice will be necessary for Egypt to fix the problems it faces. Let’s hope that they can use the internet to direct their resources efficiently.

I hope that people living under unfair governments look to Egypt and Tunisia and use the internet to organize and change their circumstances. Since the industrial revolution the health situation of the whole world has increased. I can only imagine what the world will look like 300 years from now when more and more people share in a piece of the wealth being created around the world. It’s going to be slow but if we continue following this trent we will all one day enjoy comfort and peace.

Unless we just blow ourselves up.


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