Facebook: Social Contexts

I went to my roommate’s girlfriend’s beerpong get together about two weeks ago. It was a very fun event. We played beer pong, flip cup, kings cup and never-have-I-ever. All great fun! Of course, that was the main course, but we got appetizers in between games where we would just mingle with others. As it so happens I met someone that I hadn’t met before and as it is common in today’s world, I Facebook’d her.

I don’t really care for looking at my own profile but I think I was looking for some video I had posted in the past and I ran into something quite interesting. Facebook is now qualifying how we met people. They are adding context to our friend requests.

I don’t think most would find this interesting but I sure do. I can see Facebook aggregating information about what percentage of event-goers friend each other if they go to the same party. Maybe they can compile and compare profile information to find out what kinds of people tend to Friend Request each other (and what kinds of people will actually accept that request). I like that Facebook is recognizing how people meet and why they have accepted a request. It’s not enough for people to add each other in a vacuum, adding social contexts adds richness to the data.


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