Reddit Part I: Frontpagedom

On Thursday at about 5 am an image I posted on Reddit went front page. This was the first time that one of my links has gone big. There isn’t much to brag about, I suppose. I’m sure there are people that have their stuff go front page often, but this was my first time. I’m excited and want to be on that front page again. There is something just so exhilarating (more about this feeling in Part II) about knowing that people are not only voting on your submitted content but liking it. Very quickly, in this post I just want to do some quick analysis about the growth of the story.

01.13.2011; 5am: 155 adjusted up-votes

01.13.2011; 7am: 445 adjusted up-votes
01.13.2011; 9am: 1112 adjusted up-votes
01.13.2011; 11amish: 1526 adjusted up-votes

First of all, I talk about adjusted up-votes (AUVs) because it does not account for all votes. The story got a total of 9746 votes; 5638 were up-votes and 4108 were down-votes. AUVs are the overall positive votes. I wish I could have taken hour by hour or even half-hour by half-hour data points but it was late. When the story hit front page (5am) it was at about 155 points. 2 hours later (7am) it shot up to about 450 points. That’s a 300 point increase. Another two hours (9am) and the number of AUV had gained about 600 points. That’s double the point increase as compared to the first 2 hour interval. We were at about 1150 points. At this point the story stated to fall out of the front page ending finally at around 11am and going on to the second page.

What is interesting is that I found that the story fell out of the front page when the up-vote/down-vote dynamic (UDD) hit below 60%. If you look at any of the top stories on Reddit, you’ll see that none of them are below a 60% threshold. You will also find that they will not go onto the front page unless the story hits the vote threshold. I have found that this vote threshold is very close to 40 or 50 AUVs with ≤60% UDD. This is probably something that experienced Redditors already know. In my case, I have only been on Reddit 6 months and only moderately active. Next time I place a piece of content on Reddit, the minute I see it gaining traction I will take better analytics.


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