Marry Christmas

Yes, I want to marry it. We live in a secular country but due to the large number of Christians, we are all forced to take the day off. I mean, most of them aren’t going to be buying our products so it would be a waste of money to have our shops open. It just makes monetary sense.

What I’m trying to say is that we need more days off. We should do one of two things:
1) have Christians to celebrate more Holidays
2) have Christians to believe in a religion with a lot more holidays. I want more days off.

Anywho, that’s about it for this little blurb, but I will leave a couple of pages that you might be interested in looking at if you’re bored of your family and friends.

1) A breakdown of incomes based on religious belief (no surprises here).
2) Kenya wants to be the next great “outsource” nation (a reason to look at Western capitalism in a kinder light. Serious.).
3) A funny account of a tech bloggers experience as a bookstore clerk.
4) Jesus Wants You to Read The Bible on Your iPhone
5) A compelling story about helping others (we’ve heard it, but doesn’t like a good bah?)
6) I’ve posted this before but worth posting again. Tomorrow, at the cash registers, this is why the other line is moving faster than yours.
7) A look at what the sick “tests” the Czech Republic is conducting on refugees seeking asylum.
8) Everyone is a-buzz about Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (CLICK IT!)


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