iOS and OSX

UPDATE: My roommate informed me that there are button commands that do what I want. Look below if you didn’t know these tricks already. As a side note, I want the delete option to be native (not button driven) and the to-top option to be gesture driven.

I’ve been an iPhone user since the start in 2007. It’s an amazing product and I don’t really see myself leaving it. This past November, Apple introduced OSX Lion, their new iteration of the OSX family. I was impressed by some of the features and can’t wait to see all of them. Here are a couple of features I’d like implemented on Macs.

Quick Delete
If you’ve used an iPhone to text someone and have made a huge mistake and want to erase the whole thing, there are two things you can do. You can shake it or you can hold the delete button. I highly doubt you want to shake your iMac or Macbook. The other option is much more reasonable and still fast. When you hold the delete button it starts off by doing a character-by-character delete but then progresses to a word-by-word delete. I truly hate having to delete every single letter. Even highlighting is annoying. It has to be easier.

To-Top Touch
Another feature that I find myself wanting while I browse is a To-Top Touch. When I’m browsing a long page, I sometimes just want to go to the top quickly without having to scroll. Even with inertial scroll, it doesn’t always quite make it up to the top with one flick. This would be super awesome for my Mac experience.


2 responses to “iOS and OSX

  1. I’m about to make your mac experience super awesome.

    //To delete all:

    //To delete word by word:

    //To delete line by line:

    //To go to top of page:

  2. Look at you stephen, look at you go. But I want them as gestures! Less work=good work.

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