Quora and Aardvark

I’ve been using Quora and Aardvark the last couple of days and they are really awesome services. They are much more dynamic than the work that has been done by Yahoo answers. I’m sure that these will blow up. I definitely suggest that you get in on it. I think, all in all, Quora is the winner here. You can ask a question about something very important and have it answered by the horse’s mouth. Since Quora is a service developed by some ex-Facebookers you find that there are a lot of high-up techies answering question about current industry events. Really cool! I can’t wait to see the service blow up and see Politicians, Celebrities etc. answering not just question about themselves but about other subjects!

As exciting as these two services are, I am really looking forward to Twitter’s new Q&A service. I think it might be the winner if they pull it off right. The real time aspect of it is going to just propel it into greatness. In a longer post I will write out my wish list for Twitter’s Q&A service. Maybe they’ll take my suggestions to heart!


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