TynyRound Up 12/16/2010

Boy, today was just full of random things but they aren’t long enough for each of them to actually a blog post onto itself. (Well, I lie but Im going to write those up tomorrow, I’m kind of tired now).

Things Google or Apple Should Do
I was on the phone with a friend today and she wanted driving directions from where she was to her destination. What I found dumb is that I had to be given all this information and then I had to manually type the info there and better yet, I had to type in or try to figure out where she was. TOO MUCH WORK! Why can’t Google or someone make transferring location information much simpler!

Person w/ Smartphone: OMG Dan, I need to get to X in 10 minutes. I don’t know where I am!
Dan: Yeah, okay um, just give me your cross streets and X.
P w/ Sp: OMG THANX! xoxo Main St & Crapton Dr to X

What should happen now is that I am allowed to view this in maps. I should also be given a choice of sending this information via email. Why? Just because your phone has email doesn’t mean it’s a smartphone (yeah, that includes you BB owners!).  K thnx goog.

Twitter Went to The 9o’s
So, I was having trouble with my Gmail and I thought, “this is some bullshit. I’m going to contact customer service ASAP.” What do I do? Head to Twitter, of course. Annnd I find it in a bigger mess (exaggeration! twitter was functional, gmail was not.) than Gmail.

Gmail Takes A Tumble
Gmail didn’t too well either…

Just When You Thought The World Was Normal…


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