Getting Back On Track

I have really let myself go in the last couple of months. I have not made a real honest to god effort to work hard at being healthy. I think I have done a good job of sticking to eating good food but a lot of times I eat a lot of good food. I don’t feel good about. So that’s why I’m going to go back to working hard at being healthy.

I loved it when I was healthier. Not only did I have a better psychological sense about myself I also had a good physical sense about myself. So what do I mean by that? Well, as for the first, it just means that I had a better view of myself. I saw myself as hardworking, diligent, whatever other word that sort of relates, put it in there. As for the physical, I just felt physically better. I felt on top of my game. Although I can still run for long periods of time, I just don’t believe it before starting my run. I just doubt that my physical state will allow it because I feel physically incapable. (This is why I want to make a distinction between the psychological feelings and the physical feelings. Very easy to mix up!)

Anywho, I will get back to working on eating right and getting some activities going. I also need to get a hobby! I don’t care what it is. I just need one. If you have nay good hobbies I can get into, leave ’em in the comments. I have a wish list I suppose:

1. The hobby should in some sense by mentally stimulating.

2. The hobby should in some respect have some social aspect to it. Whether that means that sometimes I have to collaborate with others or that there are a lot of cool conferences that are centered around this hobby.

3. It has to be cheap as hell or free.

4. Given 3, I think that it should have a lot of online resources, even if it’s an offline hobby.


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