Academic Papers Should Be More Like Blogs

I’m writing a paper right now and all I can think about is how much time I’m wasting citing and recounting useless information just so that a professor (or more likely, some TA) can realize where I’m getting my ideas. A much simpler method would be to just add links to our papers. Interested in using Dr.Einstein’s great paper? Just write out your interesting bit or take on the paper and add a link where you think his paper is most influential.

There is something alive about blogs. They send you places to the reference and what is awesome about the digital world is that many of these things are becoming possible with academic papers as well. Want to bookmark a book for your professor or TA to look at? Okay, do  it and link it. Want to highlight the passage you are paraphrasing? Okay, do it and link it. So simple. I hate having to copy and paste sections of papers and then having to format them to fit with the paper. Sometimes I don’t even want to mention the paper because it is such a waste of my time to go through all the formal motions when all I want to use is a key concept.


In the Journal of Education and Psychology, Professor Jane Doe writes about the very important concept that requires use to understand the attitudes children have toward technology. Their attitude is usually characterized as curiosity. This helps teachers implement technology based educational tools easier. She writes “blah blah blah” (cite)


Children’s attitude toward’s technology is usually one of curiosity, this makes it easier to implement technology based educational tools.

I really that as technology and blogs become more pervasive, this sort of method will be used at our schools. I actually have a pretty interesting idea about how to make this sort of blog style paper writing verifiable and helpful to both the student and the person correcting the paper. But that will come at a later blog, I need to finish this paper!!


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