Tax Cuts Extended?!?!

What the fuck is going on in Washington? What the fuck is going on with Democrats? What the fuck is going on with Barack Obama?

This presidency has been one of the most underwhelming presidencies ever! Even with websites like “What has Obama Done So Far?” attempting to build some good buzz, it can’t change reality. I actually just went to that site and looked through it hoping I’d find some redeeming legislation. I found nothing, zilch, nada! What I did find was a bunch of symbolic crock. I am honestly disappointed with my appointment of Barack Obama. I am disappointed with my choice to continue to support the Democratic Party. So what is this post about? It’s about my renunciation of being aligned with the Democratic Party and my pledge to not vote for Barack Obama were he to run for president again.

Why? Because they have not kept a single key promise. And I don’t mean that only in the sense that they didn’t do it but in the sense that they didn’t hold on to their principles. Let’s take a look at some of these key issues.

1) He closed Guantanamo Bay on day one! Oh wait, he didn’t and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon!

2) Yes, the war is over!! Mission Accomplished in Iraq. Thank God! But just to make sure let’s leave 50,000 troops there in case something else happens!

3) Afghanistan, yup, we’re still there and increasing our presence there. We even had a Bush like “surge”. Great!

4) A butchered Healthcare Bill that made a ton of concessions to Republicans. Concessions that didn’t even matter given that no Republican voted for the Bill. A bloated bill of crap bureaucracy.

5) Now this! The Bush Tax Cuts have been extended.

These are only a couple of the promises that this President and the Democratic Party made and didn’t keep. It’s no surprise that they lost so many seats this midterm election. Although Republicans are not what I want, there is no reason that we should support mediocracy. Just because Democrats (in my opinion) are a little better than their political counterparts doesn’t mean they we should allow them to keep their posts. I honestly almost flipped-out when I heard the tax cuts were being extended. Just days before I was having a conversation about my feelings toward the government being a failure. Whatever hope I had left just got shattered. This is something that we should have resolved when we had the votes. When Republicans were in power they left Democrats behind. There was no “working with the other side” mentality. We did that too much and we let them win.

I’m sure Obama will win re-election next time around. It’s hard to knock out an incumbent. It has only happened a few times in history. However, I urge everyone to vote with your brain and let the reality sink in. Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, established government has let us down. Although there have been a lot of symbolic moments in this presidency, it’s not what matters. What do matter are actions!

UPDATE: It looks like Stephen Colbert has the same feelings I do about Barack. At least, in the sense that the Democrats and Barack Obama have been spineless. Watch the video here.


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