This is one of the coolest apps I’ve had the pleasure of using! Sure, some of the pictures probably look like crap without a filter, but when they got, they got it. They can be real moving! If you have an IPhone I highly recommend you get it. If you have an IPhone 4 I demand you get it. The retina display just makes it a joy to scroll through pictures.

So what’s the app about really? The closest thing I can relate it to is Twitter. You follow people and people follow you. Somehow, that’s where the similarities stop. On Twitter, people have a hard time finding followers or have a hard time contributing because of lack of followers. With Instagram you quickly start taking shots. Partly because you feel you’re a world class photographer and partly because you like it when people “like” or follow you.

Overall, this app is great! I check it often and when I’m out and about I take time to pull out my phone and capture a shot!


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