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Foursquare’s Social Experiment

I just found out about something really cool Foursquare is doing. Prior to their current promotions, people were merely asked to “check-in” to shops. This meant that they only had information about where it was that they were. That was it!

Now they are trying something much more powerful. Users will be asked to put in their Safeway club card number when they check in. What does this mean? First of all, it makes sure that check in’s are in a sense validated as a customer. The store already has an ID that tracks you as an individual. As mentioned in the article it will help foursquare push out the possibility of employees checking in maliciously. Foursquare will also have the times you like to check in to these locations. Your rewards will come from your behavior.

This focus on the consumer’s behavior is what is important and more interesting. Location tracking devices will give marketers a much better understanding of their consumer’s trends. As more and more people check in to these locations, larger patterns will emerge. College professors in the near future will be writing papers using data aggregated from the social networking space. Foursquare totally just took the cake for innovation and look forward to other behavior experiments.


My Burps

I know this is not the best place to talk about this, but I just have to boast about it. My burps have become very manly. What do I mean by that? I mean that they are beginning to sound like “movie jock” burps. They’re loud and they have some real reverb. I’m probably going to edit this post later with a recording of one of these burps.

I have become so obsessed that, as you can see, I am writing about them. I’m even going to record one so that you can all hear it! Maybe someone will be able to do something with it. (Possibly use it in a movie??) I basically stop everything I’m doing and really focus on listening to my burps when I have the need to burp. I just love hearing it be so strong. This is where my life has taken me.


This is one of the coolest apps I’ve had the pleasure of using! Sure, some of the pictures probably look like crap without a filter, but when they got, they got it. They can be real moving! If you have an IPhone I highly recommend you get it. If you have an IPhone 4 I demand you get it. The retina display just makes it a joy to scroll through pictures.

So what’s the app about really? The closest thing I can relate it to is Twitter. You follow people and people follow you. Somehow, that’s where the similarities stop. On Twitter, people have a hard time finding followers or have a hard time contributing because of lack of followers. With Instagram you quickly start taking shots. Partly because you feel you’re a world class photographer and partly because you like it when people “like” or follow you.

Overall, this app is great! I check it often and when I’m out and about I take time to pull out my phone and capture a shot!


I have become a much more frequent user of Twitter in the past few months. What I found helpful was finding people with similar interests to follow. They link me to interesting sites or articles that I would otherwise not have heard of. They quote or say something insightful that I would  not know of or thought of. This is what is interesting about Twitter. It is a great way to get a big of everything all at once.

However, not many people within my circle are active on Twitter. I think it comes from the fact that if you don’t have followers or anything interesting to look at, there is no reason to be there. We all like to have someone hear us when we have something to share. If there is nothing interesting to look at, why use the service. Sure, some might (reasonably) say that this can be done on Facebook. It’s not the same. Twitter forces you blurb your information. There is loads of information in one 140-character tweet. On a productive day you can get much better articles and and much better tailored to your liking than any social bookmarking site (i.e. digg, reddit, stumbleupon).

This may be the case simply due to the fact that it’s people curating the information. It could be that they found this little gem on some social bookmarking site but has now it gone through a further filtering. People have social bookmarked it and now someone who has similar has found shared it with others like him or her! Fantastic!


I want everyone I know to get a Twitter account to go with their Facebook. We can create little communities of friends that just share interesting ideas or link etc. Further, I want us all to have a Shared Twitter. This is a Twitter that we all curate. We can all log onto the account and once a day we each retweet something we found interesting from that account ensuring further filtering. (Actually, you should only retweet something if you found it to be really interesting and of worth.) I think for this to work we’re going to need at least 10-15 active participants. Any takers?

Join Me!

Uh, what?

I’m not going to worry too much about what goes on here. As time goes by I will create sections to it so that we can get some of my projects going. Basically, I need to learn what this wordpress thing is all about. If you don’t happen to have one there are a lot of bells and whistles and I’m not sure what all of them do. There is a lot of room for some programing languages so I think I want to do some fun things with it.

So, what I’ll do now is end it here and let you find out what this blog is about. Make sure to comment because it might make it more fun for me. Yes, it’s all about me.